Welcome to Mark Franko Custom Building

Mark Franko Custom Building is the culmination of more than 22 years of experience in design, construction, and renovation. The core values that formed that first enterprise are still at the heart of our work today. We listen carefully to our clients and work to achieve a result that delivers both function and beauty.

We take a “longitudinal approach” to our relationship with our clients. In your lifetime, what you want out of your property-whether residential or commercial -will naturally change. We understand that, and that’s why our relationships with our clients often span decades.  Advising our clients through these changes, no matter the size, is the core practice of MFCB. We are regularly called upon to sort out ongoing maintenance needs, and happily offer expert advice on new projects as well as new purchases. Our Ordinary Transformations division was born out of this philosophy.

MFCB provides distinctive custom work for residential and commercial clients. We are equally comfortable with large design-to-build projects or executing small remodeling efforts.  Either way, we ensure a result that transforms daily life.  Each division of MFCB is equipped and willing to help you; whether it is Custom Home, Commercial Spaces or Ordinary Transformations, we are here to help.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Scott Creasey

Scott CreaseyProject Coordinator, Construction
His last name should be “Makes it happen” because that’s what he does. Scott never misses a deadline and accomplishes more before noon than most people we know. We’re not sure how he does what he does, but we suspect it has something to do spending his free time with Mother Nature.
Billy Stone

Billy StoneEstimating and Project Management
Billy knows the business inside and out and his experience shows. You’ll come to welcome hearing his big, booming voice on the phone as he keeps you up to speed on your project, managing every detail with his signature friendly precision. When he isn’t on the job, you’ll find him enjoying the great outdoors.
Mary Stewart

Mary StewartOffice Manager
Mary is one organized lady and runs a tight ship. She ensures that everything is documented and organized and nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Because with Mary, there will be no shuffling! After successfully keeping everyone around the office in line, you might find her chillaxing on a beach.