Mark Franko Custom Building has simple ways to help you everyday.
Small changes can truly transform daily life. We know that you need your home to work differently for you at each stage of life, and that a certain amount of repair and maintenance is to be expected along the way. MFCB is here to keep you going and to help you consider how small changes can help your family live better. We get enormous satisfaction by providing an environment that works for your life, whatever stage you’re in.

Our comprehensive experience in every facet of construction means that there’s nothing we haven’t seen before. The large scale projects we’ve executed encompass engineering, plumbing, carpentry, electric work, masonry and stonework, and more, so we can expertly handle your maintenance and repairs, in addition to those small projects you need completed.

repairs, maintenance, and small improvements

We heard you! Whether you just got walloped by a storm or just need routine maintenance completed, we are here to help! Since you’ve been asking us for years to do it, we got ourselves organized and created a special division devoted to exactly that. You know that we have the most skilled professionals at our disposal for anything you can throw at us. And since we are already trusted partners, you have an extra measure of comfort knowing that repairs and projects will be completed properly, on time and on budget, and by folks you know.

We have several clients who schedule routine maintenance while they are on vacation. Imagine coming home from a trip to find that pesky “to-do” list completed. We are happy to extend your post-vacation bliss. Give us a call and we’ll get started. We can do just about anything you need and are often called upon for:

  • Gutter cleaning and repair
  • Porch and deck repair and re-sealing
  • Replacing and repairing damaged screening
  • Caulking bathtubs, showers, and replacing broken tiles


  • Exterior rot repair
  • Water and flood damage repair
  • Window, door and shutter replacement and repair
  • Repairs to exterior trim, columns, railings , windows and siding


  • Crown molding
  • Custom bookcases
  • Closet re-design
  • Banquet seating
  • Work space design
  • Laundry room renovation
  • Pantry re-design
  • Bathroom update

home maintenance plan

For most of us, our home is the largest purchase we’ll ever make and our most valuable possession. So we understand how important it is for you to maintain its value. We approach these maintenance items with the same attention to detail and sense of purpose. With the client leading the way, we develop a maintenance plan based on your needs. (We know some of you LIKE getting your hands dirty, so we’ll only do what you want us to do.) We work together to schedule everything over the course of a year, so that everything is done at the most logical and beneficial time, with the lease amount of disturbance to you. We can review the plan whenever you like. We cannot overstate how enormously comforting it is to know that all those seasonal checkups will be taken care of and that your biggest investment is protected.

disaster recovery

It can happen to anyone. Hurricanes, storm damage, floods, or fires; whatever the cause, we’ve been there and understand the roller coaster of emotion and frustration that inevitably follows. We can mitigate some of that. We know exactly what to do to get your home restored properly and we have a good understanding of how your insurance company works.  As always, we are committed to listening carefully to you, and ensuring that you receive a satisfying result.



We take full advantage of the annual service program that Mark Franko offers. It has been wonderful. When I call I get help immediately and the best part is that the service team knows me. I have an identity with them which makes Mark Franko Custom Building the go to when I have both big projects as well as the small, everyday ones that simply make my life easier.

A Happy Customer




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