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Our HMP bundles services that provide preventive long-term care for all aspects of your home. We start each program with an extensive review of the systems within your home. From there we develop a plan to repair and maintain the systems on a recurring schedule. Utilizing the HMP program for your home helps to extend life of the systems and allows all componets to operate at maximum efficiency. A well-cared-for home provides you with the ability to enjoy maximum value from your real estate investment without lifting a finger!

Step One

Schedule an initial on site meeting with our team to review the property and inventory the systems in your home

Step Two

We provide a free whole-home evaluation with industry experts to determine the current and future maintenance needs. We review our findings and discuss a plan that is best for you.

Step Three

We provide a custom plan and maintenance schedule for your home. Appointments are automatically set, managed and billed through the plan.

Standard Services Options

No two homes are alike. Our HMP program is customized to provide you and your home with the level of maintenance support that best suits your needs. Our clients range from families that split time in a second home, adult children caring for elderly parents that have selected to age in place, to young families that are juggling work and family dynamics.

We provide a one-stop option for those looking to spend more time enjoying life and less time maintaining their homes.

According to US News and Freddie Mac, home buyers should actually budget up to 4% of the property’s value in annual maintenance costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem! We approach this in one of two ways; you can either continue managing this company and their services on your own or we can bundle this service and your preferred vendor into your annual HMP.
Absolutly! This program is designed to be unique to each home and client’s needs.
You will recieve a follow-up email stating the work performed.
No, we schedule all work over an annual calendar based on your schedule and needs. If something unique should pop-up, we can adjust to fit your schedule.
No, Part of the HMP value is that we meet all of our teams on site and oversee the work to ensure everything was executed to our standards.
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